Keyboard Shortcuts I use to enhance my Productivity

9 October 2013

I'm not a big fan of using mouse to perform every other task. So, I challenge myself to use keyboard for almost everything to enhance my productivity. Here is the list of keyboard shortcuts I use to enhance my productivity.

OS Ubuntu:
1. Alt + Tab to switch between running programs.
2. Alt + ~ to switch between windows of existing program.
3. Ctrl + Alt + Arrow keys to switch between workspace.
4. Ctrl + Alt + T to open terminal.
5. Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T to open new window of the terminal.
6. Super to open HUD.
7. Alt + F10 to open the indicator menu.
8. Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Right(or any Arrow Key) to move current window to another workspace.

1. Ctrl + L to clear the current terminal screen(same as typing clear and hitting return key).
2. Ctrl + u to clear current line.
3. Ctrl + a to move the cursor to beginning of line.
4. Ctrl + e to move the cursor to end of line.

Browser(Google Chrome):
1. Ctrl + T to open new tab.
2. Ctrl + Shift + N to open incognito window.
3. Ctrl + Shift + B to access bookmark bar.
4. Ctrl + Shift + T to open previously closed tab.
5. Ctrl + L to select URL of the existing web page.
6. Ctrl + #number(1 to 9) to switch to tab based on ascending order.
7. Ctrl + Shift + I to open chrome Developer tool.
8. Ctrl + Shift + Del to delete browsing data.
9. Ctrl + O to open a file from local storage.
10. Ctrl + W(or Ctrl + F4) to close current tab.
11. Ctrl + D to bookmark current web page.
12. Ctrl + pageDown/pageUp to switch to next/previous tab.

Sublime Text:
1. Ctrl + P to open any file in existing application.
2. Ctrl + KB to toggle sidebar
3. Super + Alt + N to create new file/directory(You need to install AdvancedNewFile plugin).
4. Ctrl + W to close the file.
5. Ctrl + enter to  insert new line after.

Here's the best keyboard shortcut tip by Actual Advice Mallard.

Use Ctrl+Shift+T to re-open a closed tab

PS: I'll keep updating this list.

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