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6 September 2013

I  have been learning Ruby on Rails since last 2-3 weeks, I've finished first two chapters from michael hartl's book, and I'm close to finishing 3rd chapter. The learning curve is very steep and tremendously awesome! I've learned a lot in last 2-3 weeks.

Now that I've decided to dig deep into the world of Ruby on Rails, I've only one thing in mind i.e. learn Ruby. Give Ruby the time it deserves.

How Am I gonna approach Ruby?

1. Learn Ruby The Hard Way

I've read first 15 exercises of Learn Ruby The Hard Way and I'm already liking it.

Nice things about Learn Ruby The Hard Way:
1. Write Code: Zed Shaw really make you write exercise codes instead of copying and pasting. Writing code is an excellent way to understand the syntax of the language.

2. Study Drills: Zed Shaw forces you to perform study drills at the end of each exercise like adding helpful comments, solving similar problems, searching for relevant terms etc.

3. Comments: Each exercise has it's own comment section where users discuss their problems. Unfortunately the comment section is closed, but it's still useful.

2. TryRuby.Org by CodeSchool

I've already completed this short course and I'm planning to revisit to make more sense. The course is completely free, but you have to sign up for CodeSchool. If you haven't signed up for CodeSchool then go and do it now. 

Good thing about TryRuby.Org by CodeSchool:
1. Fast Pace: The course moves very rapidly and you can finish it in 20-30 minutes.

2. Learn by Doing: Each level contains several challenges which you have to complete in order to move to next level. You have to write code by following the instructions giving on the left hand side, and that's the best thing about this course.

3. Learn to Program by Chris Pine

The online version of this book is completely free and contains 12 short chapters. You can go through the entire book in about an hour depending on your understanding skills.

4. Rails flavored Ruby by Michael Hartl

This is fourth chapter of Michael Hartl's online Ruby on Rails book. you can finish this chapter in 1-3 hours depending on your understanding skills.

Fort Newbies the path should be 2-3-1-4.

Additionally you can try the Ruby track on CodeCademy. 

That's it. My next target should be completing Michael Hartl's online Ruby on Rails book and finishing minor college project on Ruby on Rails. 

As always let's finish off with a Meme

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