20 January 2016

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This blog is about a Newbie Developer and his struggles. This is also my personal blog so I'll be sharing some of other stuff, which might not be related to development or programming in general.

About Author


I'm a Computer Science and Engineering graduate and a freelance Ruby on Rails Developer.

I started my career as a web developer, so it's fair to say that I'm mainly interested in web development and related technologies (like Ruby on Rails, AngularJS etc), but I won't mind working in other domains like Mobile development.

In my short career I've worked with several startups. I think startups are gateway to improve your learning curve, as a result you learn a lot in very short span of time.

I'm constantly learning and honing my skills. Currently, I'm looking into programming languages, which follows different programming paradigm than Ruby. I've narrowed my choice down to Scala, Erlang/Elixir and Clojure.

As part of my learning I read a lot be it blog or books in fact I even wrote a blog post about Ruby and Rails programming books. For blogs I highly recommend subscribing to Ruby Weekly.

Enough about me, let's talk about blog(you really made it this far?). This blog is about Programming and my journey as a programmer.

What type of posts you can expect?
1. Links to tutorials on web.
2. My path to learning new technologies.
3. Programming resources.
4. And other cool stuff.

You still reading? if yes then you deserve a treat. See ya!

About blog design: I'm using a template designed by Prayag Verma who blogs about blogger and is an excellent front end guy.

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