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27 January 2016


I'm a Computer Science and Engineering Graduate, and a Freelance Ruby on Rails Developer  based out of Delhi NCR Region. Though I won't mind moving to other locations. Career > Location.

I'm primarily interested in Startups. Why Am I so interested in startups? Because they are awesome! They provide huge learning opportunities, and have many perks.
[Here's my Portfolio] Not up to date. Checkout the resume(at the bottom) instead.

What Do I know?
Here are list of things:
1. Basic HTML/CSS: I'm not a designer, but I would really like to improve on this.
2. Ruby on Rails - Currently working as a Ruby on Rails Developer.
3. Ruby - I think Ruby is deceptively simple language. Ruby's real power lies in underlying Object Model and its ability to modify programs at runtime(Metaprogramming).
4. JavaScript & some AngularJS - Beginner level. After working with Ruby, understanding its object model and Metaprogramming concepts I feel really limited by JavaScript, but things are improving and ES6 looks really promising.
5. Asp.Net, C# & Java - Developed college level projects using these languages. Projects include basic eCommerce website using Asp.Net and Bug Tracking System built on Java.

Growing Interest:

  • Functional Programming: Since most of my experience is with general purpose, object oriented languages I'm starting to look into functional programming languages. Scala, Erlang/Elixir, Clojure are top contenders, so far.
  • Client Side Stuff: I've to admit I'm not very good with JavaScript and client side stuff. So, I've started looking into ES6 and client side frameworks with a lower level of abstraction than AngularJS.
  • Testing: Early on testing didn't make much sense to me. I don't blame myself for not getting started with testing sooner, as ignoring it allowed with to focus more on development. I've reached a point where I think testing is very crucial for stable systems. I've started comparing Rspec and Minitest. So, far I like the idea of testing Ruby with Ruby, instead of testing Ruby with DSL. I think the main thing is to start testing, which I am no longer going to ignore.  
  • Devops & System Design architectures: I would really like to improve on the server side of things. This talk by Joel Williams, Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect was really interesting and is a great introduction to scaling your system to handle millions of users.
On the Horizon:
  • Data Structure and Algorithms: I know the basic data structure and algorithms, but I've been out of touch for so long. I would really like to improve on this.
  • Design Patterns: This will hopefully allow me to design a more robust system.
  • Mobile Developement: At some point I would like to try my hand on mobile development as well.

There are so many things to learn and so little time we have. That's why focused learning is really important, and I'm trying to improve on this aspect.

Why You should hire me?
  • Interested in Startups: I love startups, they are awesome! I read somewhere that Startups are the only way to get 10 years of experience in two. Having worked at startups, I can totally relate to that.
  • Open Minded: I'm all for using the right tool for the job. I think each tool was built for its own purpose, some of them have more generic purpose than the others and if the situation demands that you move from the current stack to solve a particular problem, then I would be more than happy to get involved with it. I'll use this opportunity to learn new stuff. I'm not afraid of new technologies. I like to live dangerously :D
  • I try to move out of my Comfort Zone: I know it's more generic, but it works really well in software development. The real magic happens outside of your comfort zone. 
  • You'll have my full attention: Once I'm into my job, then it becomes my primary concern. I think if someone's paying me, then they deserve my full attention. 
  • Balance between Learning & Working: I try to keep the balance between learning new things and performing better at work. I think both of them go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. 
  • I prefer emails over offline interaction. Yeah! That's supposed to be a good thing since it forces you think about stuff at the deeper level, thus reducing the chances of false statements.
  • The Path to becoming a better Programmer: I'm constantly learning and improving, because One Does Not Simply Become a Programmer Overnight.

What am I looking for?
  • Great Team: As a software developer nothing's more important than working with great developers. It enhances your learning curve.
  • Good Culture: This is the very basic foundation of good startups. Need I say more?
  • Good Hardware: Preferably a Mac and an external screen. 
  • Open Minded Management: Developer's time is the most important resource you have as a company. Make sure you're not wasting it. There's nothing more frustrating than sending out countless emails just to get access to basic things required for work.

I'm glad you made it this far, anyway you can email me at: technicaiblog [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested in taking things forward.

Also, if you're into Resume and stuff, then check out my online version of my Resume. Updated more frequently than others.

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