Gmail will Show Images by Default

14 December 2013

From now on Gmail will automatically show you images in your messages. This is a killer feature. Why is that? because from now on your emails won't look like a complete crap because of default email behavior. Google will render images without asking for your permission.

Wait? showing images without permissions? what about my privacy and security? an attacker might send harmful content via images? what about that? Fear not Google is deliberately solving this problem. In the next paragraph I'll tell you how.

So, how Google is doing this without compromising my Security?
what is happening here is that the Google is caching every image on their secure proxy server to protect you from any harmful content. This way an attacker won't be able to harm your device. How cool is that?

I usually don't write blog posts about these things, but I found it so awesome that I could not resist myself :D

Here's how my emails looks like.

Now my emails don't suck. Thanks you Google.

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