Don't Put Wrong Information in the README File

29 August 2013
Edit: This was solely out of frustration and should have been avoided. Lack of perspective, it was.

Okay! let's start with a question, should you update documentation before implementing features? If the answer is yes then I don't know what the hack you are talking about. I'm not angry, I just have a quick reaction for Bullshit.

Here is what happened to me today.

1. I was searching for good rails based ecommerce solution.
2. I found Spree
3. I opened spree repo on github and start installing it. As usual I was following installation instruction given in the file.

Spree should update it's installation instructions

4. I ran gem install spree and what do I get?

"ERROR: While executing gem ... (Gem::DependencyError)
Unable to resolve dependencies: rails requires railties (= 3.2.14); activeresource requires activemodel (= 3.2.14); actionpack requires activemodel (= 3.2.14), sprockets (~> 2.2.1); activerecord requires activemodel (= 3.2.14)"

- yeah! that's right I got an error. But why did I get error? I was just following the instructions. Here is the answer.

Spree should update it's README file

What? the file clearly states that you  need to install version 4.0.0. Seriously, how can you advertise for something which you don't offer. How can you misguide people? Do you think they should update their file? Do you think I  should submit a pull request? I'm asking because I don't have enough experience with open source contributions.

What I feel about Spree's wrong README installation instruction:

Wrong readme instruction feel bad meme

Do you think it is okay to put wrong information in the README file? if yes, please tell me why because as a newbie I found it very disturbing.

Again let's finish it off with a meme :D

One does not simply put wrong information in the README file


They have updated the README file with a warning.

Feel free to leave a comment and remember don't be a ....[insert relative term here] :P
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